Selling and purchasing moulds and equipments dedicated to the world of plastic and rubber. During the compilation of the RFQ various descriptive information about the project will be requested. For each RFQ it is strongly recommended to attach: mathematics, 3d, technical sheets...

N.B. Members are solely responsible for the truthfulness of the data and documents provided.

Open Mold will be able to arrange through its employees or third parties, inspections relating to the products offered, at the Seller's headquarters.
He is the professional in charge of planning the selection and purchase of products. In fact, it has the right to make request for quotations (RFQ) indicating the relative specifications and expiration dates. Each supplier in your market will be able to make an offer regarding your RFQ.
He is the professional who has the right to respond to the requests for quotations (RFQ) of the buyers by proposing an offer for the realization of the work.
This is the request for a quotation published by the Buyer for carrying out a specific project. Each Supplier in his market will be able to propose himself by presenting his offer. At the expiration dates of the RFQ, the Buyer will be able to compare the offers and decide who to entrust the job.
To create a new RFQ, go to the “RFQs” section and select the blue button “new RFQ”. Then you need to fill all the next steps, bearing in mind that the fields marked with a red star are required.
You can save an RFQ as a draft, which you can complete and publish later. It will be present in the "Dashboard" section under "Draft RFQs", or in the "RFQs" section under the "Draft" status.
The Supplier, when he fill the Offer, defines the selling price of the product, he can change the expiry dates set by the Buyer and decides the additional costs, like transport and logistics.
Open Mold does not allow the access to the informations about other users of the same category. Therefore, the Buyers will be able to view only the Suppliers profiles while the Suppliers will be able to view only the Buyers profiles.
Yes. You have the right to delete an offer that has already been published only if the deadline for submitting the offer has not been passed. To delete the Offer, simply access the Dashboard under the " Offers Presented” section, choose the offer, click on the 3 dots icon, select "Delete" and confirm your choice.
Yes. The Buyer has the right to delete a RFQ already published in the event that the situation concerning the project should change irreversibly. However, the reasons must be justified. To delete the RFQ simply access the Dashboard under the "RFQ in progress" section, choose the RFQ, click on the 3 dots icon, select "Delete the RFQ". Just enter the reasons and confirm your choice.
Yes. To suspend the RFQ, simply access the Dashboard under the “RFQ in progress” section, go to the “status” column and from the drop-down menu change the choice from “Negotiation” to “Suspended”.
A suspended RFQ cannot receive Offers from Suppliers. The RFQ remains visible on the platform but no Supplier will have the right to submit an Offer. When the Buyer will change the status again, the Suppliers will be able to resubmit the Offers.
Open Mold does not intervene and is not responsible for the negotiations, the general conditions of supply and payment that exist between the Buyer and the Supplier after their deal.
In order to increase the chances of being chosen for the assignment of an order, the Buyer will also consider your company informations. For this reason, we would like to point out the info you should have in your corporate presentation:

Company size in square meters
Number of employees
Machine park
Type of machines
Maximum size of moulds that you works
Quantity of moulds managed annually
Possibility of making technical or aesthetic details or both
Product sectors in which he works
The activities are carried out internally or externally
Presence of an internal try out center. If you have, tonnage of the machines
Construction of moulds of certain niches or materials (e.g. bi-materials)
Location in the sense of georeferencing and supplier location within a radius of XXX KM
References on jobs and who you work with
Photos of machines
Plant photo
Photos on any moulds as references
Company catalog
Internal technical office
Company website
Company seniority
ISO / supplier certifications / ect

In case you already have a corporate presentation, we suggest you implement it in case there are missing informations. In case you are going to prepare a new presentation, we advise you to take these info in order to have a complete and winning presentation.
This is a deliberate choice in order to categorize the Supply and Demand process and make it as effective as possible. If a Buyer publishes an RFQ relating to the "Medical" sector, he will want to receive Offers from Suppliers operating in that market. In fact, the Suppliers in the “Aerospace” market will not have access to this request and will not be able to submit their quotation. The portal wants to help its Users by trying to enhance the relationship between Buyers and Suppliers.
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